We stayed in Gatesville Texas, just outside of Waco. It seemed like a long drive from Wolfforth. When we pulled up to the place we made our reservation they didn’t have any spots big enough for us. It was later afternoon and I have noticed that most places in Texas close early and it’s hard to find anything open on the weekends. We did finally get a hold of the owner at Gatesville RV Park and they had a space for us. Very sweet people. After we got parked mike plugged us into shore power and …….. nothing. We were already tired and hungry and lets just say that did not help. I got a hold of a repair guy and he was a couple hours out. While we were waiting we went to get some BBQ.

The repair guy showed up and smacked the side of our transfer switch and wala!!! we had power. The lever that switches us from generator to shore power was sticking. He said it could last another year or more or it could go out next time we plugged in. We had him order us another one to be safe. He said it would be in the next morning.

The next day after the repair guys showed up we drove into Waco to visit the Dr. Pepper museum. Charles Alderton was working at a drug store / soda fountain in 1885 and he invented Dr. Pepper by mixing 23 flavors of syrup together. The drink became famous around town then they started selling the syrup to other soda fountains and then stores.

They had a room set up as a bottling center and showed all the stages of bottling they have used since they started production. The first Dr. Pepper bottles had hand placed paper labels. In the pictures above there is a recipe for hot Dr. Pepper, I didn’t know that was ever a thing but I may have to try it now. We thought the advertisements claiming Dr. Pepper was a healthy drink were funny. They also claimed you should drink Dr. Pepper at 10:00 am, 2:00 pm and 4:00 pm to keep you going all day.

One of the rooms were full of Dr. Pepper advertisements through out the years. Some of them I remember from the 70’s and 80’s. I even had the “I’m a Pepper” t-shirt when I was a teenager.

All over the museum they had these neat replica building set up. Here is an old store, you can see Dr. Pepper and other goods on the shelves. You couldn’t go in but the windows were all set up so you could see what it could have looked like.

Mike let me get some pictures of him sitting at the “CEO’s” desk acting like a BOSS. There is also a picture of all the products Dr. Pepper now has a part of. I didn’t know there were so many.

If you know Mike then you know we had to get a couple pictures of Dr. Pepper in NASCAR!!!!

They had this very cool train set up and a cool little town. Notice the only numbers on the clock are 10, 2 and 4, the times you should drink Dr. Pepper.

Here are a couple pictures of all the toys and prizes you could have won from Dr. Pepper contests over the years. There is also a couple pictures of a replica delivery truck from back in the day and a advertisement sign claiming Dr. Pepper is “Healthful”.

At the end of our self guided tour we got to enjoy a complimentary Dr. Pepper float. I had mine with vanilla cherry ice cream and it was delicious.

I would recommend visiting the Dr. Pepper Museum if you are ever in Waco, TX. I think it was only $10.00 each to get in and very worth it. We had originally planned on visiting Magnolia Market at the Silos but since we had to wait for the repair guy we got a late start and didn’t have time. I’m sure we will be back and we can visit it then.