Wow I have not been good at updating everyone on what we have been up to. I am sorry for that.

I was going to do one big post about all the things we have been up to but then I got to looking at how busy we have been and the post would have been more like a novel.

We got back here about September 13th. It felt like coming home. It was great to see the wonderful people that were here for the whole summer and we were excited for the rest of the great people to get back.

Fire Mast Tom and his amazing wife Rosie got here soon after we did, and the nightly camp fires began.

Of course along with the campfires comes the nightly Happy Hours. At first there were just a few of us but as time went on we grew and grew until the whole group was back.

It wasn’t nearly as hot when we got back this year as it was when we first got here last year. Maybe we were just use to it I’m not sure.

On September 22nd it was close to 100 degrees so we loaded the dog in the Jeep and took off through the desert to play in the Colorado River. The water was so clean and clear I couldn’t believe it. It was cold but not to cold and felt so refreshing.

We are happy to be back here at Calizona and are looking forward to the season. We will be heading home on April 1st.