We spent the last couple days in Biloxi Mississippi right across the street from Biloxi Beach. The first night we were there they had an awesome thunder and lightning storm, rain and wind so we didn’t get out much, just to go have dinner.

I honestly have to say that Beloxi Beach is probably the nicest beach I have ever been to. The sand is so white, the beaches are clean, the have benches to relax on all the way up and down the the boardwalk. There are a few little shops up and down the beach where you can rent jet-skies, surfboards and the trike like bikes with huge balloon tires. We didn’t do any of that because it wasn’t warm enough. We took Abby down to the beach to play and we weren’t out there five minutes when we saw a sign that said no dogs on the beach. We were a little bummed but I’m sure it’s because there have been some irresponsible pet owners.

The one place I really wanted to visit besides the beach was Town Green where the Hurricane Katrina Memorial is located. They have put up a beautiful memorial for the people who lost their lives and the ones that were never found. They have all the names listed along with the town they were from. There is also a glass case full of items that were found after the water receded. I read that the towns around the Gulf of Mexico were hit just as hard if not harder then New Orleans. You can read more about the Memorial here.

I am not sure of the significance of the large oak tree or if there even is one. I do know that many of the oak trees were damaged and died during Katrina. The deck that is built around the tree was made so people could get higher off the ground so they could enjoy the cool breeze from the ocean in the summer heat.

There is also a small Chris LeDoux memorial in Town Green. Chris LeDoux was a country singer who was born in Biloxi, MS.

Above are some more pictures we took around town. There are some amazing houses along Beach Blvd. I’m sure they are a bit out of my price range.

Biloxi is a beautiful beach community. We are planning on coming back to the area so we can spend more time and see more things. I would love to drive around the gulf and visit all the little towns. I also wanted to go to Old Town Biloxi but the weather just wasn’t cooperating with us, we will go next time.