Well I thought I wrote about this trip weeks ago but I guess I was wrong. When Mike was a kid his family moved to Crossville for awhile. Since we are only a few hours away we thought it would make a great day trip.

Baby and Abby ready for a road trip

So we packed up a few snacks, loaded up our dog Abby and granddaughter Baby and hit the road. It was a hot muggy day so we thought all the windows should come off the Jeep to help keep us cool.

Our first stop was Booger Hollow in Blairsville, GA to fill up on gas and get some more snacks. You can never have to much junk food on a road trip according to our granddaughter and who wouldn’t want to stop at a place called Booger Hallow, it’s hilarious.

The drive was a lot longer then we had expected because potty breaks for us and Abby and just pulling over because there was something beautiful to see. We weren’t in a hurry, it’s nice to stop and see all the sights on the way.

Our main reason for the trip besides having a new adventure was to find Mikes old school and house. The town had changed a lot since he was there last and he was just a kid but it only took about 20 minutes for him to find his old school. It really hadn’t changed that much, it was pretty much as he remembered and easy to find. The school was closed so we didn’t go in but we drove all around it and took some pictures.

Once we found the school it was easy to find where he use to live. Now when he lived there the road was a two mile gravel road and his house was the only house on the street. The rest of the street was all wooded and Mike and his brother and friends would play out there for hours. Across the street and through the woods was the creek, that was one of their favorite places to play.

Now however the road is paved and there are several houses on the road. We were driving up and down the road looking for his old house and the neighbors were kinda looking at us weird. I don’t blame them, we were driving slowly up and down the road and we have Washington plates on the Jeep, they probably thought we were casing the place. We finally pulled in a driveway across the street from where Mike thought the house should have been. After a nice conversation with the neighbor we found out that the house he lived in was tore down about six months before and a new house built on the lot. That explains why the house wasn’t where he thought it should be.

When Mike was a kid there was a little mom and pop store on this corner and him, his brother and their friends would ride their bikes up there and by candy and soda. The store is gone now as you can see but when your standing there you can just picture it.

It ended up being a very long day and we were exhausted so we decided to get a motel and head home in the morning. We got to eat dinner at Cracker Barrel and breakfast at Waffle House and we took baby to an arcade, that was tons of fun. I think Mike and I played more games then she did, we are still kids at heart. The only problem with the motel room was that our dog for some reason is terrified to walk on any flooring that is not carpet, all the pet rooms had linoleum, the good thing was that the door was close enough to the bed she could jump from the door to the bed and vice versa.

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