We finally made it to Graceland and it was well worth the wait. I have wanted to visit Graceland all of my adult life. I was very young when Elvis died and I can’t say I was a fan before his death. I remember the day he died very well. I was almost 10 years old and my siblings and I were playing in a small wading pool on the patio at our house. I remember that my mom was crying and it was all over the news. My youngest daughter has also been a huge Elvis fan for as long as I can remember.

On the day we visited it was close to 100 degrees out and very muggy. Mike had a horrible head and chest cold but we had a blast and Mike took almost 600 pictures. I will provide a link at the end of the post so you can see all the pictures he took. There is so much to see here it’s just amazing. I highly recommend visiting Graceland.

Elvis’s life was very public no matter how hard he tried to keep it private but I did learn a few things about him that I didn’t know. Did you know Elvis’s natural hair color was sandy blond? The picture above shows him with his natural hair color. He dyed it black to make himself look more edgy. Did you know he had an identical twin brother? His brother Jesse Garon Presley was born about 35 minutes before Elvis but he was still born. They were born in their parents small two room house in Tupelo Mississippi.

Our first stop on the tour was Elvis’s Mansion, it was more a large house then a mansion but it was very cool. I’m sure back in the day it was very fancy. When you first come through the front door to the right is the main living-room. Almost all of the furnishings in the house were purchased locally. The fifteen foot couch however was specially made for the room.

The dining room was very nice and just to the left when you walk through the front door. Elvis sat at the head of the table not only because he was the man of the house but he wanted to be able to see the TV. Elvis loved TV and had one in almost every room of the house, some rooms had more then one. He even had a special desk made that had a small black and white TV in it. Some of his favorite shows were I Love Lucy, Twilight Zone and Perry Mason.

The kitchen was a normal size kitchen and very 70’s. Of course it was top of the line 70’s. There were monitors that showed the outside grounds and two phones, one regular phone and one that you could call other rooms in the house.

Elvis loved Hawaii and he had the Jungle Room designed to remind him of Hawaii, there was even a waterfall on the back wall. Since we couldn’t actually go into the rooms it was hard to get pictures of some of the things but I think Mike did a great job. Sometimes Elvis would play music in this room and he even recorded a few songs here. The chair with the Teddy Bear and Guitar in it was Lisa Marie’s favorite chair. Often times she would curl up there with her Teddy Bear and fall asleep listening to her dad play music.

Downstairs was Elvis’s “man cave” and pool room. The man cave was done in all yellow, black and white with a huge sectional couch that looked so comfy. He had three TV’s set in the wall so he could watch three shows at one time. There was also a fully stocked bar and a top of the line stereo system that played in each room of the house. Elvis had hundreds of record albums also. The room wasn’t huge but the mirrored ceiling made it look bigger.

Across the hall from the Man Cave was the Pool Room. The walls and ceiling were lined with silk. Each piece of silk was hand folded and installed. It actually looks very cool.

Behind the main house there were several other building. The first picture is of the office where Vernon Presley took care of all Elvis’s finances. He also had several secretaries to help pay the bills for all of Elvis’s properties and to handle all the fan mail Elvis received. Today the office is decorated with the original office furnishings and several gifts that fans sent Elvis.

The second picture is of the make-shift shooting range. The room was very small so Elvis and his friends would have to stand back outside the door and shoot at the target inside the building. Considering all the bullet holes around the outside of the door, they weren’t very good shots.

The third and forth pictures are of the horse pastures. Elvis loved horses and purchased horses for all of his friends and family. He wanted a Golden Palomino for himself and spent quite a lot of time looking for his horse. He finally found himself a Golden Palomino names Rising Sun. He loved that horse and took very good care of him. Shortly after purchasing Rising Sun he officially named the barn House of the Rising Sun. Elvis insisted that there will always be a Palomino at Graceland. I found a very good article about Elvis’s love of horses and how he came to purchase them. You can read it here.

The fifth picture is of the swimming pool. It was hot the day we were there and the pool and lounge chairs were calling my name. As much as I wanted to I didn’t jump in because I didn’t want to get kicked out before I saw everything.

The last picture is of Elvis’s personal racquetball court. On the day he passed away he come home from an early morning dentist appointment (he went in the middle of the night) later that morning he went and played some racquetball and died later that day.

One of my favorite parts of the tour was the family cemetery. Elvis, his parents and his grandmother are all buried there. There is even a place marker for Elvis’s twin brother Jesse even though he is buried in Mississippi. The grounds are just beautiful.

Our next stop on the tour was Elvis’s car museum. Most of the cars Elvis owned in his life time are here. There are a few that are missing but only a couple. All the cars in the museum were actually owned by Elvis, they are not replicas. Of course my favorite and probably the most famous is the Pink Cadillac. Mot of the displays also have a picture of Elvis in or standing by the car.

The next stop of the tour was a time line of Elvis’s music career. It’s amazing how many records he made in his life. He was nominated for 14 Grammy’s and won three of them. All his Grammy winning songs were for gospel songs.

Just some pictures of Elvis for the ladies!!!! Your welcome!

Our next stop was a time line of Elvis’s movie career. He made at least 36 movies in his life time.

At he end of our tour we got to put on the white gloves and actually hold one of the capes Elvis wore and see his gold sunglasses and some of his personal jewelry. However for some reason we lost those pictures. We also did a tour of his airplanes but those pictures are gone also. This makes me very sad because who knows if we will ever get back there.

Mike did however take about 600 pictures that we do have. If you would like to see all our pictures you can see them here.