Wow what a great ride. It was 80 degrees, sunny and not windy. We didn’t even have to wear our heavy leathers, riding jeans and summer riding jackets are all we needed. Six bikes left the park at about 10:30 am and we headed for Parker. We took a little break at Vidal Junction then headed toward Parker Dam.

We stopped just before we headed over the dam to take a rest and take some pictures. It is a beautiful ride and the perfect weather and great friends made it even better. We took off over the dam and headed toward Havasue City.

A quick potty and fuel break just on the other side of the dam then off to Havasue. As we were riding through Havasue we saw a boat on fire in the middle of the lake, I hope everyone was OK.

We rode through Havasue and hit Hwy 40. We took the Topock / Oatman exit and went into Hooch’s 66 Bar and Grill for lunch and an end of the ride cold adult beverage. Hooch’s is a really cool bar with great food at a decent price. They have indoor and outdoor seating, since it was such a nice day we decided to set outside.

Next stop was home. We got back to the park about 3:30, just in time to get changed and head to happy hour.

One of the things we love most about traveling is meeting great new friends, seeing new places and doing new things. We are truly living life to it’s fullest.

I want to add a couple pictures of a rock painted as an alien we passed on the ride. I didn’t get a picture of it because I keep my phone put away while we are riding, if I held it in my hand I would drop it for sure. I got this picture from one of the wonderful ladies that went with us. Hope you like it as much as I do.