Last week I had to make an emergency trip home for my dads heart surgery. Although it was a horrible and stressful reason to have to fly back home it was also wonderful to get to see some family. My dad is doing great and he has been home for almost a week now. He has months of recovery ahead of him but he’s got this.

Me and my Sister

My sister picked me up at the airport and I stayed at her house the week I was home. We got to spend a lot of quality time together dong sister things like watching chick flicks, eating food that we shouldn’t be eating and of course there was the ice cream!!!!! When we are together all self control goes out the window. We have so much fun together, we may not have self control but we know how to laugh until we pee and have a ton of fun.

My Son Marshall, Grandson Johnny and Grandpuppy Max

I also got to spend a lot of time with my son Marshall, his girlfriend Lexi and there four legged son Max. I am horrible at remembering to take pictures and didn’t get any of Lexi. I went over to Marshall and Lexi’s house a couple evenings for dinner and a movie. We also spent time together running errands and hanging out at my sisters. It was so awesome to hang out with them and wish I could have spent more time with them. I really miss them.

I was so excited to see my baby girl, Lady Bugs and Johnny. I haven’t seen them since we left home August 12, 2018 and I have missed them so very much. I can’t believe how big the grand kids are getting. TJ and Ty are almost as tall as I am and they act so grown up, they are both in middle school this year. Johnny wasn’t even walking the last time we saw him and now he is running all over the place, talking and he’s starting to get hair. He took a bit to warm up to me because he doesn’t really know me but I did get him up in my lap to watch Baby Shark and he fell asleep. I love my cuddle time.

On Sunday I got to spend the whole day with my Lady Bugs, I so enjoyed spending time with them. Those two girls just crack me up, they are so funny. My sister also had her granddaughter McKenna and a family friend Keeyara. We walked to the park and the kids played in the sprinklers then of course everyone was hungry so we walked to McDonalds and had lunch and of course an ice cream cone. I love McDonalds fries. After everyone was full and tired we had the long walk back to my sisters house. The kids did great and my sister and I made it. It was a great day.

My Aunt Kathy

One of the days I was at the hospital I got to see my Aunt Kathy and Uncle Windy. Keep in mind that they do not even text and I don’t think they have a computer or email. Well Aunt Kathy wanted to see the Blog so I was trying to show her how to scroll through the pictures. Once I left her on her own it was short lived. She sure looks like a professional though don’t she.

Although my trip home was for a scary reason it all went well and turned out to be a great week. My dad is home and doing good, I got to spend time with family and the weather was awesome. I can’t wait for us to go back home next summer for a couple months. I really do miss the family.

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