So this happened yesterday. We kept smelling this horrible rotten egg smell, at first we didn’t think anything of it. Mike had just emptied the grey tank so we thought maybe it was that.

While I got ready to go to the gym, Mike poured tank tabs down all the drains hoping to get rid of the smell. I got back about an hour later and we could still smell it. I got in the shower and got to thinking (I do my best thinking in the shower), anyway when we were at Calizona one of the residents kept saying the sewer smell was backing up into her RV, she had Mike and Earl down there trying to figure out how the smell was coming in. She said it was so bad it had woken her up in the middle of the night. Well come to find out it wasn’t the sewer she was smelling, it was one of her batteries. I called to Mike and asked him to check the batteries, he went out and checked and came right back in and said one of them had exploded and that is what we were smelling. He disconnected all the power and we called a RV repair guy.

We had changed out two of the six batteries about four months ago and at that time we checked the other four and they were fine. We found out that RV batteries only last about two years and they need to be replaced. Our batteries looked old, they were in the RV when we purchased it and we couldn’t find a date on them so we went down and got four new batteries. We did have a RV tech come out and put the new batteries in. We just wanted to make sure they were installed correctly and by looking at the way all six batteries were connected together, it was a little confusing.

Good news is there was no other damage and by the end of the day we were up and running again. Bad news is those batteries are not cheep and either was the service call to have them installed. Worth it but not cheep. We will definitely be keeping a closer eye on the batteries.