Our original plan was to have lunch at The Pirate House. The Pirates House is located a block or so from the Savannah River. In this spot was Trustee’s Garden, the first public agricultural experimental garden in America. Once Georgia was established and they no longer needed the Trustee’s Garden they built an Inn for visiting sailors and Pirates around 1753. After WWII the building was no longer used and became run down. In 1945 they were going to demolish the building but it was saved by a woman named Mrs. Mary Hillyer and other local ladies. They restored the building into the restaurant it is today. I believe but am not positive that the first picture below is the Old Herb House, they say it is the oldest building in Georgia and when the site was the Trustee’s Garden the Gardner lived in this house.

When we got off the Trolley we discovered just how popular The Pirates House is to eat at, the line was huge and the wait was over an hour. Since we were at the end of our day and there were some time restraints we had to skip lunch here and move on. Next time we are in Savannah we will plan ahead a little better and make reservations.

We hopped back on the next Trolley and headed down to River Street to find some lunch. We ended up eating at Spanky’s. I had a Chopped Chicken Salad and Mike had Buffalo Wings. My salad was very good and Mike enjoyed his wings. The prices were reasonable and the service was great. We went in because it wasn’t busy and there was no wait. We picked a winner.

We had a few minutes to wait for the Trolley after we ate so we walked down and got a couple pictures of the Savannah River.

I really wish we would have planned a longer stay in Savannah, there is just so much to see.