Mike and I were out on a drive the other day, just enjoying the awesome North Georgia weather when we drove past this little place and it just so happened we were hungry. I have drove past this place a few times before and always thought it looked like a neat place to stop and eat.

It sits right on the Chestatee River at Turners Corner. The building was originally built in 1928 and there is a small general store next to the tavern but it didn’t look open so we didn’t get to see the inside. The General Store building looks new but it fits right in with the Tavern. It looks like it was once a campground or something. There is plenty of room to expand and I think it would be a great location to have a small campground along with the Tavern and General Store. If you would like to see the menu are read a little more about the Riverside Tavern you can click here.

We walked into a fairly small but very inviting restaurant / Tavern and were greeted by Cathy and Mo, the two wonderful women pictured above. It was a beautiful day so we decided to set out on the screened in deck right on the river. There were a couple other people outside but it was pretty slow. We showed up between the lunch and dinner rush.

I had the Riverside Wedge Salad and a side of Riverside Peach Slaw (AMAZING), Mike went with the full rack of BBQ Ribs with fries, toast and Riverside Peach Slaw. The Peach Slaw is a concoction that our waitress Cathy came up with. It is some great coleslaw with chunks of peach in it. The peaches add just the right amount of sweet to the coleslaw.

I love a wedge salad and this one was really good. They put bacon bits, blue cheese crumbles, tomatoes and red onion on it. It was very good.

Mike said his ribs had really good flavor but they could have been a little more fall off the bone. They were just a little tough but not bad.

I am hoping we can stop in and eat again before we head back to California in a couple weeks