How do we do social distancing in the desert, well we hop in the Jeep and take a short road trip to Vegas!!!

Yes, we were all safe. We have all been together all winter so we are safe to hang out together. We stayed away from any people and weren’t able to walk around the strip.

We have been to Vegas several times but seeing the Vegas strip closed down with empty sidewalks we creepy weird. Some of the Vegas lights were still on but most of them were off. The ships at Treasure Island were still and empty, the fountains at the Bellagio were not on and the roller coaster at New York New York was not running and there was a fairly big police presence keeping an eye on the casinos and the few homeless people that were down there.

For me this would have been the best time to walk the Vegas Strip. I usually avoid it because of the huge crowds and people trying to sell you stuff. When we go to Vegas we usually head straight to Freemont Street and hand out. We didn’t get down there this time, not even sure if we could have.

It was a nice day trip. We got out of the RV, got some fresh air and sunshine and got to see something that we probably (hopefully) won’t ever see again in our life time.

Mike took a lot of pictures of the empty strip and you can check them out here.