When Mike and I decided to sell our house and all of our belongings to become Full Time RV’s the question we were most asked is “how will you make money”. Since we are about 15 years away from retirement, it was a very legitimate question.

I had spent about a year researching this subject and found that there are many ways to make money as you travel. We looked at several options and decided we would like to start off by working in an RV park. We would need one that would pay us a wage and included a free RV spot. I joined several Facebook pages and signed up with several websites that post seasonal workamping jobs. We knew that we wanted to be somewhere warm for the winter and that we would need an income. After several months of reading the help wanted ad’s I decided to take a leap of faith and apply for a position in Southern California. I didn’t have high hopes of getting the job because they were looking for someone with experience and we didn’t have any experience working at a RV Park. We had been camping for several years and my background was in office administration / customer service and Mike’s was in property management type work.

On the day of our garage sale in June 2017 we got the call that we had the job. They needed us there by the first of September. We were excited and stressed at the same time. Our house was sold and we were going to close in a few weeks, we were still looking for a RV we thought we could live in and even if we found it we wouldn’t have the money to buy it until we got the money from the house. Well as you can guess everything worked out. We found our new home on wheels about a week before we received the money from the house and the dealer agreed to hold it for us. After we got the RV we ordered a lift to put on the back to carry our Harley so we could still tow our Jeep. We were all set and the day after our son’s 21st birthday we hit the road.

We arrived at our new RV Park manager position on September 3rd and have loved every minute of our journey. We have found that we just fit right in to this life style. The owners of the park have asked us to come back next winter and we agreed.

We will say goodbye to our new friends on April 1st and head to Georgia for our summer job then head back to Southern California for another warm winter.