What an awesome weekend we had. Mickey and Sunshine, two of the resort employees, hosted a fishing derby for kids up to age 15. The night before my brother brought our nephews up to spend the night so we could take them.

We made it down to the dock about 8:30 am to get the boys registered and by 9:00 am we were fishing. Mike and I have not fished since we were both kids so this was quite the adventure. Mickey and Sunshine supplied the live bate (minnows and green worms). There were prizes for the biggest fish, the smallest fish and the most fish. There was also lunch served, they had pulled pork sandwiches, hot dogs, chips and drinks. There were about 6 kids there and all that was caught was two turtles, a couple trees and my finger. I think one of the adults caught a small fish but it didn’t count. The boys fished for hours and they sure tried but no fish. Since no one caught anything and most of the kids left before it was over, the ones that were left all got a prize.

After a long day of fishing we decided to hit the pool and cool off for a bit. The resort was really full that day and there were a ton of people around the pool. We kicked back and relaxed and played in the water with the boys for a bit.

We met my brother in Commerce to bring the boys back. We stopped and had lunch at the Commerce Sports Bar, Mike says they have the best wings he has ever had. There was a car show going on in town so we walked around a bit after lunch and looked at the cars. They had some very nice cars, they also had a live band that was really good. It was awesome spending time with my family.

The next day we decided it was a great day for a ride, the weather was amazing and the bike was calling us. We took off and went to Paul’s in Helen, GA for lunch while we waited for the liquor store to open, we needed Everclear so we can make some Apple Pie. Then we checked out a tattoo parlor, Mike wants to get a new clown tattoo. After lunch and some walking around we hopped back on the bike and took a beautiful ride up to Hiawassee, GA. It was a great ride with amazing views. I couldn’t get many pictures since I was on the back of the bike and those who know me know that if I took my phone out to take pictures, I would drop it.

All in all we had a great weekend. We are excited for family to fly in on June 1st and of course Mike’s big 50 on June 2nd. Be watching for those updates.