The Parents

The first to come visit us this year were my parents. They got here just before Thanksgiving, it was great to have family here for Thanksgiving. We had a huge dinner in the Clubhouse with all the amazing residents of the park. The worst storm I have seen here in the desert just so happened on Thanksgiving. We discovered that there are a few leaks in the clubhouse around the windows. With some buckets, bowls and strategic sitting arrangements we made it through. We had a ton of fun and lots and lots of great food.

Of course no visit is complete without a ride out to Desert Bar. This is one of our favorite places in the desert and we love to take people out here. It’s a short jeep ride through the desert then all of a sudden there it is, The Desert Bar. This place is just out in the middle of nowhere, it’s ran on solar and generators. They have great food and a great band. The day we were there it was raining so we did get a little wet but we didn’t mind.

A visit to Lake Havasu City and the London Bridge at Christmas time is beautiful. They have the whole area all decorated and at night when all the lights come on it’s amazing. We spent the evening walking up and down by the water.

Of course no trip to the area is complete without a visit to Oatman, AZ. We love walking around going through the shops and feeding the Burros.

The Cousins Zach & Michelle

The next visit was from my cousin Zach Taylor and his wonderful wife Michelle. They were in Vegas for Zach’s birthday so we drove up to Vegas for the day and had a blast.

We walked up and down the strip and visited some of the shops and casinos. Mike was doing very good at he gambling but the rest of us not so much. They had never been to Fremont Street so we headed down there. Fremont Street is my favorite part of Vegas, personally I could skip the strip all together but if it’s your first time to Vegas you have to experience it. We walked up and down Fremont Street, Mike did some more gambling, we had a drink, did a little shopping. I love watching the street performers on Fremont. It was a very short visit but I’m glad we got to have out with Zach and Michelle for a bit. I haven’t seen him in a very long time, can’t wait to hang out with them again when we get back to Washington this summer.

The Sister – Kimie Soo

The biggest surprise was when my sister came to visit. She had booked her airfare months before and several people including my husband new she was coming, I had no clue, they were all very good at keeping it from me. She was even texting me like she had just woke up but really she was at the Vegas airport. There is a video of when she showed up at the clubhouse while I was playing Pokeno but I can’t get video to load.

While she was here we mostly hung out but we did make it out to one of my favorite places, Desert Bar. I love taking people there because I just think it’s one of the coolest places ever. I have written about it several time so I won’t put you through that again.

One night we went over to Harvy and Debbies for Margarita night. They had great music, food and of course margaritas. We sat around the fire and visited, some of the people played a very large game of Janga. It was a nice relaxing evening in the desert.

One day we went into Havasu to the London Bridge and walked around for awhile. We decided instead of driving all the way into Havasu City we would drive about a half hour to Havasu Landing and take the fairy into Havasu City. It was a very fun day and the fairy ride was wonderful as usual.

It was wonderful having my sister come visit and one of the biggest surprises ever. When she walked into the clubhouse I couldn’t believe my ears and when I realized it was her I my have cried a little.

The Daughter and Granddaughter Melody & Freyja

When our daughter Melody and granddaughter Freyja came to visit the weather was getting warmer. We had so much fun getting to know Freyja again. We hadn’t seen her since she was about a year old. She is such an amazing crazy little girl.

There first day there we borrowed a RZR from a Kim and Judy for Mike and Freyja and Melody and I borrowed a couple four wheeler’s from Mike and Cathy. We took off to the desert. Did a bunch of riding and roasted hot dogs down at the river. We had so much fun that day. Freyja likes to go fast so every time grandpa would slow down she would yell “Faster Grandpa Faster” . We stopped and skipped rocks, looked at fish and had a great time. We were out there riding for hours.

The next day we went to Oatman, AZ so Freyja could see the Burrows. We didn’t get to many pictures with the Burrows because they were all grumpy and picking fights with each other. We did however have a great day walking around, looking at the shops and of course we had to stop at the candy store so Freyja could get some candy.

The next day we took the fairy into Havasu to see the London Bridge. It was a beautiful warm sunny day. We normally eat at Burgers by the Bridge but they do not have Vegan options so we went to another place that had really good food but for the life of me I can’t remember the name of it. If I remember it I will update the post.

While Grandpa and Freyja hung out Melody and I went into Belton Tattoo in Bull Head City, AZ and got our matching Cactus Tattoos. That makes two matching tattoos we have. Belton Tattoo is a very clean tattoo parlor. They are professional and do a great job.

We took so many pictures while they were here there is no way for me to post them all on the blog. If you would like to look through the rest of them you can click here.

The son & Daughter in Law, Marshall & Lexi

Marshall and Lexi visited mid February and the weather was awesome. Their first full day there we borrowed a couple RZR’s from Kim and Judy and Fred and Betty and took off for some desert fun. Marshall and Lexi were in one RZR and Mike and I in the other. No the guys did not let us ladies drive. We rode out there for hours. We went all the way up to Pirates Cove and all the way the other way into Needles. we had so much fun, the day was perfect. We stopped and looked at the view and had a weenie roast. I believe it was Marshall’s first time driving a RZR and him and Lexi really seemed to be enjoying themselves.

The next day we went to Desert Bar. We had told Marshall about it last year when we discovered it so he was really looking forward to going. We did not pick a good day to go though. The Desert Bar is almost always busy but we went on a day that they were hosting a desert walk and it was just crazy busy. Way to many people, you could hardly find a place to stand let alone sit. We did finally find a place for all of us to sit. We went some other people from the park.

The food like took 45 minutes to get your food. I couldn’t believe how busy it was. Hopefully we will have a chance to take them again. Next time we will make sure there are no special events going on.

To see the rest of the pictures of Marshall and Lexi’s visit click here.

We always love when family comes to visit. There is so much to show them and take them to do around here. We are headed home on April 1st, and cant wait to see everyone. We really miss our family.