We spent two nights in Williams Arizona. As you can probably tell from the pictures it is on the original Route 66. It is an adorable little town with lots of history. They have kept the town looking somewhat like it probably did back in the day. They have lots of restaurants, pubs and souvenir shops. We really enjoyed walking around the town. Mike is standing next to the worlds largest metal Route 66 sign (according to the sign in the shop).

Our first night there we went over and had dinner at The Grand Canyon Brewery They not only brew their own beer they also make their own Spirits. I had a prickly pear vodka and it was very good. The food was excellent and the price wasn’t to bad. All in all it was a great meal. The restaurant is very cool inside. They had a waterfall inside but the picture didn’t turn out.

Yesterday we spent most of our day at Bearizona Wildlife Park. First we did the drive through portion and saw a ton of animals. The whole thing is $25.00 per person but the drive through porting is quite long and all the animals were out and active so there was a lot to see. After we completed the drive through there was a walk through zoo. The animal enclosures are very nice and again the animals were all out showing off. We had a really good time. It had been a very long time since I was at a zoo.

Today we are on our way to Sun Valley Arizona then on to New Mexico.