We spent four nights just outside of Wolfforth Texas, just outside of Lubbock Texas. We were originally only going to stay two nights but we really wanted to visit the Buddy Holly Museum and it was closed on Monday so we had to go on Tuesday, we were going to leave on Wednesday morning but there have been 70 mph winds all day and driving in that would not have been fun. I must say what I have seen of Texas so far I love. We had some great BBQ at Bone Daddy’s. Great atmosphere, very friendly staff and amazing BBQ.

Today we have spent most of the day in the RV. The winds are gusting at about 70 mph and the sky is brown with dust. Seemed like a good day to stay in and watch movies so that’s what we did.

Yesterday we spent most of the day at the Buddy Holly Museum in Lubbock. When we made our reservations to stay in this area we had no idea the this is where Buddy Holly was from. The night before we went to the museum we re-watched The Buddy Holly Story. I have seen the movie before and loved it but it had been many many years.

We were not allowed to take pictures inside the museum but we got some pictures outside and of the J.I. Allison house which is where ” That’ll be the day” and ‘Peggy Sue” were written. The house was moved from it’s original location and preserved by the Buddy Holly Education Foundation.

Inside the museum it just amazing. They have all sorts of mementos from Buddy’s childhood, his guitars, clothing, records, toys and they have an amazing timeline of his life.

Across the street they have the Buddy and Maria Elena Holly plaza. There is a wall, which they call the “Walk of Fame”. There were many artists listed on the wall that I recognized and some that I didn’t. They also have a bronze Buddy Holly statue there.

On our way home we passed the Texas Tech campus, what a beautiful school. One thing I learned about Lubbock is they LOVE their collage sports teams.

Our next stop is Gatesville Texas. So far I am loving this state, let’s hope the next stop is as amazing as this one.